Auxilium is a service provider specialising in protection insurance.

We work with directly authorised (DA) firms and small networks to offer them the same range of support as they would get as an appointed representative (AR) firm.

We offer bespoke support, working with our member firms in the way in which they choose. If you're a newly authorised DA moving from the AR world, we can help you with your provider terms requests and explain how the agency and sourcing processes work.

Changing the dynamic between mortgage sales and protection advice

If you're an existing DA and would like to sell more protection; make protection an integral part of your financial reviews and mortgage affordability conversations; would like a strategic deep-dive into your business with an industry expert; or want to make sure your advisers can confidently give clients holistic financial advice and build a protection portfolio, we may be the people to help.

Auxilium supports firms and advisers to develop a culture where protection advice is every bit as thorough as mortgage recommendations.

We achieve this by treating advisers as individuals and by tailoring a suite of products to suit their individual client needs. There's no 'one size fits all' approach here.


Our panels

Find out more about which protection providers; general insurers; sourcing systems and research tools we recommend and work with.

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Why choose Auxilium?

  • We'll help you reach your protection goals:
  • Increase your protection sales
  • Improve your persistency
  • Higher penetration of your existing base
  • Build better client engagement
  • Improve knowledge and understanding
  • Achieve commercial growth

Now is the perfect time to make sure that your protection performance is at its best. Never have clients been more aware of the need for protection. If you think we could work together to grow your protection sales, please get in touch.

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