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Mark Graves new Aux Group acquires Auxilium Partnership

Mark Graves, CEO of Auxilium Partnership, has announced plans to reinvigorate the mortgage protection advice market with the creation of Aux Group Limited, majority-owned by The Property Franchise Group PLC (TPFG), an AIM-listed property franchise business.

Mark Graves believes ‘The senior managers and certification regime is a game-changer in the directly authorised space’

Watch Mark and Scottish Widows’ Johnny Timpson share their thoughts on what this regime means for advisers.

‘The challenge’, according to Mark Graves, ‘is what we can do in the directly authorised space to put the advisers in the same informed position as… networks’.

Watch experts Mark Graves and Johnny Timpson, of Scottish Widows, examine the challenges ahead for the adviser market.

Johnny Timpson says ‘the role of Auxilium is critically important’ as Mark Graves outlines the support needed for directly authorised advisers.

In the next excerpt from Victoria Hartley’s conversation with Auxilium’s Mark Graves and Scottish Widows’ Johnny Timpson, we hear how Mark plans to meet the needs of directly authorised advisers and Johnny Timpson shares his views…

“Advisers are not being considered when changes are made to technology impacting the advice process, according to Mark Graves CEO of Auxilium Partnership.”

Our CEO Mark Graves and Johnny Timpson of Scottish Widows sat down with Victoria Hartley to share their views on developments in the protection market. You can view the whole interview below, and see the full article at Mortgage Solutions.

     You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to sell protection… just a neuroscientist!  

Mark Graves, CEO of Auxilium and passionate protection advocate, considers how understanding the way the brain works should make the protection sale second nature.

Press Releases

     Auxilium Partnership appoints Head of Proposition

Auxilium Partnership has appointed Sarah Moore as Head of Proposition, reporting to Chief Executive Officer, Mark Graves. Graves’ new adviser protection club launched just two weeks ago with a commitment to offering unrivalled support to advisers throughout the protection sale.

     MCI Club chooses Auxilium as its members’ new protection partner

MCI Club, part of the eKeeper Group, has appointed Auxilium Partnership as its protection partner. MCI, which provides members with a suite of services including a comprehensive lender panel, now has access to a broad range of competitive protection product options, as well as the proactive expertise, training, development and marketing support that Auxilium is offering.

Auxilium set to revolutionise protection sector access and participation

Headed by protection specialist Mark Graves, Auxilium Partnership plans to shake up the protection distribution market for networks and mortgage clubs and show intermediaries an alternative way of responding to their clients’ protection needs.

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